EcoTWIN Heating Cable


The EcoTWIN heating cable can be used both as direct heating in sufficiently thermally insulated rooms and as a supplementary heating system for improved thermal comfort. The ultra-thin heating cables can be easily embedded in a thin tile adhesive layer (8-10 mm) or in levelling compound. The system can be used under a wide variety of floor coverings, e.g. under tiled, natural stone or carpeted floors. The EcoTWIN heating cable is the universal solution for heating rooms with complex cuts and can be used in new buildings as well as in old buildings, for example in the course of modernisation measures.

Even heat emission over the large floor area ensures an ideal room climate with little air and dust circulation and thus offers a healthy climate, especially for allergy sufferers. By installing the heating mat directly under the floor covering, the room temperature can be regulated quickly and efficiently.

For energy-saving operation of the EcoTWIN heating cable, an electronic temperature controller with a corresponding floor temperature sensor must be installed. The floor sensor must be positioned in a cable protection pipe (empty pipe). The sensor must be positioned directly under the heating mat by prising open a slot in the floor and sinking the empty pipe into it.

The sensor should be positioned centrally between two heating cables, i.e. in the middle of a heating cable loop. The thermostat should be mounted on the wall in the same room where the heating is installed. The applicable standards and regulations as well as the installation manuals must be observed.

Installation method

Primary Heater

Comfort Heater

Tile adhesive layer

Leveling Compound

Technical Data

Rated voltage

Nom. power output

Maximum operation temperature

Minimum operation temperature

Minimum storage temperature

Minimum installation temperature

Minimum bending radius at installation

Cold lead length

Heating cable diameter

IP protection class

Heating cable colour


230 VAC

12 W/m





6D (6-facher Heizlkabeldurchmesser)


ca. 3,2mm





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