"Using renewable energy, our electric heating systems offer an environmentally conscious solution for comfortable warmth in buildings and provide reliable protection against ice and snow on roofs, stairs and open spaces."

Our Products

  •  The best solution for premises with low ceilings
  • Cost and energy saving system
  • Wide range of heating mat W/m² power outputs
  • Maintenance free and therefore no additional costs
  • Simple installation
  • Digital thermostat in a modern design
  • Weekday programming working with 4-events schedule
  • Touch display with background lighting
  • Clear menu structure for easy programming
  • Remote control via Tuya Smart App
  • Floor and room sensor for temperature control
  • Open window detection mode
  • Adaptive control of the heating start for maximum energy eff iciency
Heated Carpet
  • Plug & Play
  • Flexible solution as local heat source
  • Easy powering on/off due to integrated foot switch
  • Carpet edged and stitched around
  • Ease of operation and cleaning
  • Secure and durable
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  • Frost protection systems for roofs, ramps, open areas and stairs
  • Plug-in solutions for protecting water pipes against frost

i-warm GmbH

Als Teil der Unternehmensgruppe Groupe Atlantic, ist die i-warm seit mehr als 15 Jahren Spezialist für elektrische Heizsystem.

Höchste Qualitätsansprüche in Verbindung mit einem unschlagbaren Service  ist unser Leitmotto.

We offer high stock availability of our products and support you from the market launch to the development or expansion of your own brand.

Unter Berücksichtigung Ihrer individuellen Bedürfnisse bieten wir ein breites Spektrum an Möglichkeiten als starker Partner an Ihrer Seite.

Our Services

B2B Partner

Grow together with short delivery times, full marketing support, and technical support.

OEM Solutions

As a specialist and supplier for private brands, we have all the possibilities to complement your brand with our products.

Drop Shimpent

With our drop shipment offer, you supplement your online portfolio without costs and risks.

Groupe Atlantic

i-warm has been part of Groupe Atlantic since 2020.

Founded in 1968, Groupe Atlantic is a French-run family group with more than 11,600 employees in 31 plants worldwide; it achieved a turnover of 2.7 billion euros in the previous year.

Groupe Atlantic develops high-performance, competitive solutions for hot water, warm air, ventilation, air conditioning and heating. These are distributed in more than 60 countries around the world and are suitable for single or multi-family homes, offices, shops, schools, airports, hospitals and all other commercial buildings.

i-warm Team

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General Manager

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Internal Sales

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Internal Sales

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Steffen Krause

Product Manager

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HR & Controlling

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